Facts about reindeer
and caribou - antlers
fur, hooves, habitat,
diet and domestication.
Reindeer - Scientific Name: Rangifer tarandus

Reindeer are a species of deer whose natural habitat is the far northern areas of arctic Europe, Asia, and North America extending onto the tundra above the tree-line . The name for these deer found native to North America (including Greenland) is "Caribou", while in Europe it is known as the "Reindeer". They are the same species. The reindeer is thought to have first been domesticated by humans at least 3,000 years ago (and perhaps as long as 7,000 years ago) in northern Eurasia (Lapland), and still remains the only deer to be widely domesticated. Used as beasts of burden and farmed for milk, meat and their hides, reindeer have been the economic basis of the Lapp culture for centuries. However, because of their popularity, today they are raised in many areas of the world outside of their native arctic.

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